The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Alburchia It is not just olive oil. And we won’t tell you that we use secret recipes to make it so good. Its quality resides in a simple sum of factors. The altitude enhances the variety of Biancolilla olive which at 600 m.s.l. produces a fragrant, intense, slightly spicy oil with very low acidity. The early harvesting, before the full maturation of the fruit, decreases the amount of olive oil produced, but it concentrates all its qualities in a few drops. Hand picking preserves the tree’s health and the integrity of the fruits that we bring to the mill every evening after the harvest in order to keep all its organoleptic qualities intact.

In a great kitchen the care of the ingredients is crucial, and extra virgin olive oil is an essential element within the Mediterranean tradition. We’ve asked top chefs to test our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Alburchia and elaborate for us a special recipe, an arrangement to the tune of Alburchia EVOO.


Tony Lo Coco proposes a recipe that has become a classic of his repertoire. The chef of Bagheria elaborates a salty version of the traditional cannolo with ricotta and candied fruit. The Mazzara Red Shirmp Cannolo with Buffalo Mozzarella Mousse and Alburchia arranges the exquisite combination of crunchiness, airiness and softness.

Cannolo: 1 leaf of phyllo dough
Chopped shrimp: 2 Red Shrimps of Mazzara
Foam: 100g Buffalo Mozzarella, 50g of mozzarella water
Filling: 500g bread crumbs, 50g anchovy paste, 50g shallots, 10g of raisins, 10g of pine nuts, 10g of tomato paste