Valentina Bruschi Farn is one of four ventures of the ancient House Mocciaro Li Destri. Of Spanish origin, the Mocciaro Li Destri family is woven from the seventeenth century to the historical and economic events in the region of the mountain area called Alte Madonie, in Sicily. In the twentieth century the family faces the settlements of the story. The tenacity of Giuseppina Li Destri manages to preserve the partial integrity of the historical farm in the years of industrialization. Since then the company covers more than 600 hectares. in the municipalities between Blufi and Geraci Siculo in the Province of Palermo.

During the sixties, Giuseppe Li Mocciaro Destri transforms the family business into a modern enterprise. New stables and sheds are built as well as a company workshop; roads, small lakes and irrigation systems enrich the productive assets. The main vocations of the farm are grain farming, cultivation of fodder, the exploitation of pastures and the enhancement of forests. The farm reorganization pays off and in 1994 it becomes a subject of study led by the University of Palermo. The goal of the sons of Giuseppe, Arabella and Alessandro Mocciaro Destri Li and his wife Valentina Bruschi is to shape a company with a contemporary profile.

Since 2010 all the internal energy necessary to Farm Valentina Bruschi in Blufi is produced by three photovoltaic plants and a biomass boiler. New  crops of ancient grains are planted in strict organic regime and the hidden treasure of the company rediscovered; the olive grove.