Alburchia olive grove is part of Valentina Bruschi Farm sited in the heart of Madonie Mountains and its terrains include a territory spreading from the municipality of Blufi to Gangi, in the Province of Palermo.

The activities of the farm date back to the beginning of the seventeen hundred with the planting of the first 800 trees, still alive. Since centuries the farm belongs to the current owners and until 2000 it used to be an “omnicomprehensive” firm. Here durum wheat and other cereals were grown, sheeps and cattles were bred and grain, dairy products, olives, forage, vegetables and fruit were produced.

The most ancient olive grove of the farm is situated at the bottom of the Mount Alburchia, the so called “enchanted mountain” in a mountain zone approximately 450 m above the sea level. The Mocciaro Li Destri family has preserved and developed this secular plnt with the addition of a second olive grove for a total of about 1300 plants in Blufi, producing the autochthonous variety of Biancolilla olive. The plants are arranged on a surface of about 5 hectares.